Author Dave Urwin is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday April 19th, 2016

DaveUrwinWritten with heart and passion from the life of Dave Urwin, ‘Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run’ takes readers from the author’s days of substance addiction to his panic attacks, family turmoil and…unsuspectingly…his life-changing participation in the Caesar’s Camp 100 Mile Endurance Run in October 2013. Running literally saved During the darkest days of his alcohol abuse, running a 100-mile race was the last thing on Dave Urwin’s mind. All that mattered was getting his next fix, making excuses for it, and sitting back as he continued to alienate everyone around him.

Sober for seven years and counting, Urwin is now in a much healthier and more meaningful place. In his powerful new memoir, he explains how it happened, against all odds.

‘Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run’ is a truly inspirational read, both for running buffs as well as those fascinated by the human condition’s ability to react to change.


What does a gang-related murder in the 14th century have to do with a missed job opportunity in the early 80s, or an intense panic attack by the side of the A303 in February 2003, or a spontaneous decision in the midst of a failing relationship? Well these are all occurrences that to some degree led to Dave Urwin lining up at the start of the Caesar’s Camp 100 Mile Endurance Run in October 2013. In ‘Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run’ these events and many more are elaborated on, telling the story of how Dave looked for a way to cope with a world that made little sense to him from a very young age. This led him down the slippery slope of drug and alcohol dependency and to a point of total burn-out, the overcoming of which and the desperation not to return to would characterise everything he did for years afterwards. He never knew if he was running away from something or running towards something, but it was through running that he gradually began to piece back together the person he truly was. Running led him to some awe-inspiring places, and to meet some amazing characters but most importantly of all, it ultimately led him to discover what truly allowed him to believe that everything will work out in the long run.

“During the darkest days of despair I never imagined how things would change. I was inspired by reading stories of how people had turned their lives around, and I am committed to sharing my story with others in case it empowers some people to make the same changes in their own lives. Even for people who are fully content, I believe my story will have elements anyone can relate to.”

Continuing, “Reader feedback has been fantastic and much better than I could have ever predicted. It just goes to show that people are some of the stories people connect best with are not those written by Hollywood. They happen out there, in the real world.”

Critics have come out in force with praise. One Amazon reader comments, “Buy it! I read three pages and was hooked! Dave has such a lovely style of writing which is fantastically easy to read. I feel that many people will associate with issues discussed in the book and also how running such amazing distances is within our reach if we really want it. It’s more than a book about running, it’s a man’s life, it’s hope on the horizon and that dawning sun that we all want to see in our lives. Fabulous!”

Richard Ashton adds, “What else would you want from book. Stick on the kettle, put a magic mushroom pizza in the oven and prepare for a funny, sad, and interesting insight into the life of this man.”

P. Kirkpatrick writes, “As a keen runner I am often reading about the many physical health benefits of running, but I was previously unaware of how much it could aid mental wellbeing until I read Dave Urwin’s Everything Will Work Out in the Long Run. This is his down-to-earth, honest and open account of how the act of running long distances has contributed to him reconnecting with the real Dave he once sought to bury under a veneer of drink and drugs. Intermingled with his story, he recounts the lows and highs of his ultra-races which provides a very interesting insight into this growing niche running pastime. It’s a very inspiring story which will grip you right to the end of the book.”

The foreword for Dave Urwin’s book was written by Robbie Britton, who has written a number of columns for The Guardian about ultra running. He agreed to write the foreword after meeting Dave at a number of racing events.

About the Author:

Dave Urwin lives in Somerset. He has been sober for seven years but at the time of writing is struggling to cut sugar out of his diet completely. There are always new challenges, but with the right amount of belief and willingness pretty much any of them can be accomplished.

Visit Dave Urwin for more information.

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