Author Bob Strauss is Today’s Honoree for Thursday April 14th, 2016

BobStraussAccording to Psychology Today, the fear of intimacy in relationships is common for about 17 percent of adults in Western cultures. That means if you used Tinder to swipe left on 10 profiles every minute, after just one hour you would come across more than 100 prospects with intimacy issues.

This fear of intimacy can stem from past childhood distress, including abandonment and death of a family member, according to Bob Strauss, psychotherapist and author of “Dancing in the Dark”. Strauss, who has specialized in couples and relationship therapy for 30 years, has witnessed firsthand how past troubles can restrict the capacity for love.

Strauss said this upheaval in patients past could lead to romantic struggles that negatively affect their thoughts about relationships.

“Wanting love and finding love do not always mesh,” Strauss said. “The fear of intimacy leads to self destructive patterns of behavior.”

Dancing in the Dark” follows Harry, a psychologist and widower, as he helps a couple suffering from past childhood traumas affecting their relationship learn to fully love again.

By blending romance with psychological principles, Strauss sheds light on real issues pertaining to love.

“Love will triumph because its power will overcome the fear of loss,” Strauss said.

About the Author:

Bob Strauss is a psychotherapist specializing in couples and relationship therapy. He has a Bachelor of Science from Brooklyn College, a master’s degree from Columbia University and a Master of Social Work from Hunter College. He resides in Manhattan with his wife.

Visit Bob Strauss for more information.

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