Author Melody Richard is Today’s Honoree for Thursday April 7th, 2016

DancingLoveAccording to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, adults who experienced maltreatment as children have an increased risk of developing serious health effects and diseases.

This is exactly the case for Melody Richard, a Jamaican immigrant and author of “Dancing Love”. Her past was filled with suffering that included child abuse, domestic abuse and rape. This abuse took an enormous mental and physical toll on her health, which she describes in her new book.

Richard lost one of her kidneys, a lung, a rib and part of her liver, stemming from the abuse she suffered as a child. As an adult, she has struggled to overcome a brain tumor that has significantly altered her life.

After a lifelong battle with the side effects of abuse and rape, Richard struggled to see how her life would improve. It was not until she learned how to love herself and let go of her emotions through writing that she realized how lucky she was to be alive.

“We should keep a watchful eye on our children because they are the most vulnerable,” Richard said.

Writing “Dancing Love” was difficult, as it forced Richard to relive her abusive past. However, she said it was necessary for her to remove the emotional burden she has carried for years.

“I had to write this book for myself and others,” Richard said. “I want everyone who reads my book to be inspired and gain strength to brush themselves off and try again, like I have done time and time again.”

“Dancing Love”

About the author

Melody Richard is a home attendant in New York City. By sharing her personal story, she wants to give hope to others who are victims of abuse.

Visit Melody Richard for more information.

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