Author Sharon Ballantine is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday April 5th, 2016

SharonBallantineIt is common for parents to experience a shift in their relationship with their kids as they approach the teenage years. The new found freedom teens begin to experience often creates tension as parents attempt to control the uncontrollable, while teens seek to exercise their freedom.

In her new book, “The Art of Blissful Parenting,” Author Sharon Ballantine candidly shares how she learned to overcome the fear she felt, as her children became pre-teens and teenagers. Desiring to have an ideal relationship with her three children, Ballantine came to realize how teaching her children to follow their own Internal Guidance System would allow them to always have access to their best choices and decisions, thus giving the parent peace of mind as they allow their children more freedom.

“The Art of Blissful Parenting” gives parents tools and processes on fine-tuning their own Internal Guidance System, so they can find freedom in their parenting by effectively demonstrating this system to their kids. Ballantine shares insight on many of the subjects parents encounter such as peer groups, school, forming habits, stepparents, etc.

“ Inspiring your children by being what you hope for them first, enables you to have a powerful and positive impact on your kids,” said Ballantine. “Trying to control the uncontrollable with your kids will never get you what you want.”

Author Sharon Ballantine is a certified Law of Attraction Life Coach from Quantum Success Coaching Academy and has spent the past 20 years studying and applying this law. Additionally, Ballantine has headlined her own parenting column for and has recently launched Ballantine Parenting Institute, an online parenting program.

“While parenting can be a beautiful experience, not every moment is blissful,” said Ballantine. “I want to show you how to have a more stress-free parenting experience by accessing your Internal Guidance System.”

Visit Sharon Ballantine for more information.

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