Author Douggie Barker is Today’s Honoree for Friday April 1st, 2016

DouggieBarkerFor some people, selling wares at a flea market is an opportunity to get rid of clutter and make money. For Douggie Barker, selling his belongings at a flea market is more than just an opportunity to get rid of old possessions stored in his attic.

Working flea markets with his dog Mumps has provided Barker a therapeutic outlet that diverts his attention from a variety of medical issues. Barker suffers from diabetes and hypothyroidism and has lost sight in one eye. Before discovering flea markets, Barker’s multiple medical troubles left him depressed.

“By stepping outside the box with these sales, I have learned to think differently about life,” Barker said. “I now see the funny side of it.”

In his new book, “Catch Mumps at the Boot Sale,” Barker discusses his experiences at flea markets with his dog Mumps, as well as how his hobby has enriched his life and changed his outlook on it. Besides providing a release from his everyday medical conditions, Barker’s hobby has allowed him to make new friends and spend more time with his pet.

Barker recognizes that his favorite pastime may not be the most popular activity; however spending time at flea markets turned out to be just what he needed.

“Most of my life has unfolded in an offbeat way,” Barker said. “We can only play the hand we’re dealt.”

About the Author:

Douggie Barker holds a certificate of higher education in theology from The Open University. In his free time, he enjoys selling his possessions at flea markets. Barker lives in Southampton with his wife and his dog Mumps.

Visit Douggie Barker for more information.


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