Author Erwin Feeken is Today’s Honoree for Thursday March 31st, 2016

AdoptedCountryAbout The Book:

My Adopted Country: Australia follows the author’s and his wife’s first experiences in Australia. For the first decade, they moved from place to place, finally settling down in Canberra. These adventures are expressed in chapters on Tasmania, Darwin, a 15-month stay in Canberra, Grafton and finally Canberra again. The family, now with five daughters, settled in the National Capital where Feeken became permanently employed as a draftsman and cartographer with the Bureau of Mineral Resources (now Geoscience Australia). Being interested in Australian Exploration, the family traveled year after year, checking out explorers’ discoveries, culminating in the publication of “The Discovery and Exploration of Australia” in 1970. Afterwards, the family continued to explore the vast expanses of the Australian Continent, often checking out explorers’ routes. This thirst for travel continued into the next generation. In 2007, Feeken traveled with his granddaughter, Kiah, around Australia and to the center, covering nearly 30 000 km in 6 months.

As once migrants in the Land of Opportunities, Feeken wants to share to others the extent of what they have learned from their unusual life. He also hopes to inspire others to pursue their passion for traveling and seeing new horizons.

“We came for adventure and wanted to share knowledge, in particular with other migrants. We had eventful and memorable experiences. I’m hopeful that you would also harbor wonderful memories in your own explorations. Get to know the country and the people, it’s worth all the effort.”

About The Author:

Erwin Feeken was born in Oldenburg, Germany in 1930. He was educated in surveying and cartography. He migrated to Australia with his wife, Gerda in 1954. They had five wonderful girls. Feeken worked most of his life with Geoscience Australia. He retired in 1987 but continued working with geologists in Central Australia. His wife died in 2005.

Visit Erwin Feeken for more information.


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