Soothi Designer Krittika Khanselwal is Today’s Honoree for Wednesday March 16th, 2016

KrittikaAbout Krittika Khanselwal:  Krittika Khanselwal is the founder and designer of the new eco-fashion brand Soothi.  Since day one, Krittika was always motivated by using her creativity, but felt her creative skills may be limited because of her more practical side.  “Soothi is a passion project and an eco-fashion brand that combines my love of fashion with my desire to create a company that has a positive impact on impoverished global societies,” says Krittika.  For that reason, when deciding which career field to pursue she chose Marketing.  As soon as she started her undergrad, she knew she wanted to run marketing departments of large corporations.  From there on, Krittika focused solely on pursuing her dreams by focusing on valuable internships, jobs and later a Masters in Marketing Analytics. 

As Krittika advanced in the corporate world, she began to question whether or not she was on the right career path.  She began to ask herself, “Is this really what I want to do?”  In 2015, after returning from her impromptu surprise wedding in India, Krittika quit her job to go on her first life adventure.  Today, she continues to put all of her passion into running Soothi, a fashion accessories brand where she makes products out of coconut shells and other recycled materials.  Krittika states, “We invest in ways that not only help us bring fantastic products to market, but simultaneously help the disenfranchised.  This is the most difficult and challenging project of my life because this is the platform where I get to succeed or fail completely on my terms. There is also an ever growing sense of accomplishment. The brand still has a long way to grow, but it’s satisfying to know that this is the right path for me.”  

More About Soothi:  Soothi jewelry is a representation of ethically made artsy jewelry. The earrings are an example of artsy jewelry at its best. These light weight and unique artisan earrings are made with recycled coconut shells and attached to a silver plated hook. So different and so unusual, you will only find them once in a blue moon

Soothi is a jewelry company that only uses natural, recycled materials and craft a lot of their products ethically and by hand. Their materials have natural faults and lines that make every piece unique. This means that each item has its own identity that makes it beautiful.

 For more information, please visit:

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