Author Steve Douglas is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday March 8th, 2016

PurposePieBookAbout The Book:

“Steve Douglas gives you the keys to inspiring yourself and others toward the attainment of your real purpose in life.”

—Brian Tracy, Author of Goals

Purpose Pie will take you on a spiritual journey of self-discovery. It will help find your true, unique, and authentic calling in life where the Creator wants to co-create with you in carrying it to completion.

  • Understand why it is paramount to be motivated by nothing and inspired by everything.
  • Learn about your everyday encounter of your two inner voices and why it is imperative in this daily battle to tune one out and tune one in.
  • Befriend a resource that you have that is more powerful than genius, talent and education in delivering your daring dreams.

Purpose Pie will become your daily slice of inner peace and joyful-bliss. Make today your new beginning to really live with a Purpose Pie high!

Discover your true, unique and authentic calling God specifically designed for you. Then experience a life beyond your capability of asking for or imagining through the pages of Purpose Pie.

At some point in their lives, millions of Americans will lose sight their purpose in life. Whether they question what they should be doing after college or if they should make a career move – there comes a point when someone’s purpose can get jaded.

In Steve Douglas’ new book “Purpose Pie,” he leads readers on a journey that will help encourage them to find their true purpose in life. Instead of living in an ego-led fear, he pushes readers to step out in spirit-led faith and realize there is a bigger purpose for their life.

About The Author:

Steve Douglas holds degrees in English literature and business administration from the University of Florida. Steve was featured in Blueprint for Success with authors Ken Blanchard and Stephen R. Covey. His song “Purpose Pie” was given the Suggested Artist Placement Award in a song of the year contest. Steve lives in Jupiter, Florida, with his wife Patti and puppy Buckley.

Visit Steve Douglas for more information.

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