Author Perry Kelly is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday March 1st, 2016

PerryKellyWWII veteran, art educator and world traveler Perry Kelly shares his lifelong struggle to maintain his secret homosexual life in his new memoir “Cosmos Screen.”

This poignant autobiography touches on the alienation Kelly has endured throughout his life, offering encouragement and hope to readers whom may be experiencing similar scrutiny. The pain of having to live a secret life, sexual explorations and seeking companionship and love are all explored without blame.

Readers learn what it was like growing up in rural southern Alabama in the 1930s during the Great Depression, the author’s experiences serving during World War II, his college years, his professional development as an art educator, and his travels to more than 45 countries around the world.

“I wanted to share a richly rewarding life story, to express my appreciation to the many friends who gave me guidance, encouragement and help along the journey,” Kelly said. “Homophobia and religious issues need not be elements of alienation or estrangement.”

About the Author:

Perry Kelly is a retired university professor. He left home at age 18 and served three years in the United State Air Force. He attended the University of Hawaii, the University of Florida and George Peabody College of Education. He taught art and World Geography in junior and senior high school. He earned his doctorate in 1965 after which he became a university professor who obtained recognition as an acclaimed art educator. He is an artist, a photographer, a world traveler, an atheist and an advocate for racial and gay rights. He has lectured and exhibited in Denmark, Brazil and China. His travels have taken him to 46 foreign countries with one trek along the Silk Route in the Gobi desert of China. He has enjoyed home stays in Moscow, St. Petersburg, and Irkutsk, Russia as well as Kunming, China, Uzbekistan and Denmark. He relates the events of his life and examines them from an optimistic philosophical reference in his memoir, “Cosmos Screen.”

Visit Perry Kelly for more information.

Author Profile – Perry Kelly from Depthink Productions on Vimeo.

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