Author Dave Griffin is Today’s Honoree for Thursday February 25th, 2016

DaveGriffinRunning has many indisputable health benefits; reducing the risk of cancer, helping individuals achieve a healthy weight and preventing disease are only a few examples of what steady exercise will do. But how can the principles of becoming a runner help you succeed in your personal and professional life?

Award-winning runner and columnist Dave Griffin explores this correlation in his latest book, In the Distance: Why We Struggle Through the Demands of Running, and How it Leads Us to Peace. In this fascinating, philosophical look behind the reasons we run, Griffin outlines the challenges runners often face and how it imbues them with the confidence to face obstacles in their lives.

Through his experiences with running and helping countless others with running. Griffin helps you relate to the child, the competitor, the fighter, the learner, the seeker, the parent and the philosopher, all of whom appear within the same person, traversing through life one mile at a time.

Deep yet relatable, Griffin explores:

  • Aspects of running that have never been exposed, such as why the runner’s high is truly therapeutic and how we all can benefit from the physiological response.
  • How running takes us back to our early childhood years and why it is important to be in touch with that part of ourselves.
  • Why the self-discipline of training to run helps us learn to face challenges head-on in all areas of life.
  • That running helps us appreciate the clarity inner peace brings, as well as the comfort needed to be truly content.

Visit Dave Griffin for more information.

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