Author A. E. Stueve is Today’s Honoree for Monday February 8th, 2016

AESteuveWith the release of highly-anticipated Pride and Prejudice and Zombies only one day away, fans everywhere are looking for new ways to embrace the zombie takeover. Science fiction author A.E. Stueve explores this cultural phenomenon in his latest work, Former [The Novel Fox].

Unlike his wife, family and friends, Billy Dodge is alive. Profine, an international pharmaceutical and defense conglomerate, has cured him of an infection that has ravaged Earth for over a decade. Life isn’t easy for the ‘formers,’ however, and despite Profine’s help, Billy is struggling to cope in a less-than-welcoming world. When Billy and a friend are blamed for an unfortunate death, things only become more difficult and Billy finds himself at the center of a global crisis. As Billy wrestles with his inner demons and the strife around him, society struggles with an important question: are ‘formers’ really human, and should they be allowed to live?

An insightful look at zombie culture and what it means to be human, the book explores:

  • How zombies are terrifying because sometimes it is hard to tell who is more monstrous—them or us.
  • How sometimes it’s even harder to tell the difference between zombies and humans.
  • Though the times are bleak, there is hope, which keeps the characters going and acts as a double-edged sword.
  • Themes of racism, nationalism, border closing, McCarthyism, and other unpleasantness, which run rampant throughout the novel.

About the Author:

AE Stueve is a writer and teacher who hangs his hat in Omaha, NE. He holds an MFA from the University of Nebraska, where he was the recipient of the Wendy Fort Foundation Prize for exemplary work in fiction. His work has appeared in such journals and collections as The Journal of Compressed Creative Arts, Dark Moon Presents: Zombies!, HVZA, and Dark Fairy Tales Revisited.

Visit Author A.E. Stueve for more information.


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