Author Robert B. Downes MD, is Today’s Honoree for Thursday January 21st, 2016

RobertDowensOn average, 5.2 million adults in the United States will suffer from Post-traumatic stress disorder this year. In his new book, “Hope,” author and M.D. Robert B Downes seeks to offer support to those suffering from PTSD as he writes candidly on his own experience with the disorder.

Downes was involved in a chilling automobile accident while studying medicine in Ireland. Although Downes walked away from the accident physically unharmed, psychological effects were already taking root. “Hope,” details the deep anxiety, anger, flashbacks and depression Downes faced as a result of the accident and how he was able to regain his life.

“My sole intent with writing is to provide hope to people who have felt unable to cope with the demands of everyday life due to traumatic events in their past,” said Downes. “I want my life to tell a story of hope, and how as a doctor and a person I became a wounded healer.”

For the past 10 years Robert B Downes has worked with patients who are addicted to drugs. Downes is able to draw from his own life experiences to arrive on the same level as his patients and see their struggles from a nonjudgmental point of view.

“Hope” not only provides support for those grappling with PTSD, but also provides insight for their friends and family. Downes’ relationships throughout his journey demonstrate the impact a support system has on the healing process, along with tips on assisting loved ones effected by PTSD.

About the Author:

Robert B Downes was born in New York City. He earned his degree in medicine at University College in Dublin, Ireland. Downes initially trained as a pediatrician, and now works with patients who are addicted to drugs. Downes resides and practices in Natick, Massachusetts.

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