Author Dr. Paul Carter is Today’s Honoree

PaulCarterAbout The Book:

There can be few more enjoyable, or indeed privileged, positions than that of being a small country-town doctor and I have enjoyed every minute of it. Not only is the work challenging and varied, but I have also been lucky enough to serve a community that measures its worth by what can be given rather than by what can be taken.

Over the years, in both private and professional capacities, my fellow community members have generously taken me into their lives and opened themselves up to me. They have shared with me their hopes, their fears, their highs and their lows. Now their generosity extends to my sharing all this with a wider audience.

I must point out, however, that this is not a memoir in the strictest sense. Whilst almost all of what follows actually happened, Tales of a Country Doctor is also partially born of my imagination. I have mixed true life events with small doses of storytelling, and the final brew is a mix of many things that really took place and a few that definitely never did.

About The Author:

Paul Carter was born in Coventry, England and educated at King Henry VIII School and Guy’s Hospital. He migrated to Australia in 1976 and has been a country GP in central Victoria for the last twenty-six years. He lives with his wife Gillian on a farm in the Macedon Ranges. Apart from writing he also enjoys portrait painting. He has eight beautiful grandchildren, all of whose names he can remember.

Paul currently works at a small country practice in the Macedon Ranges, He was awarded the 2011 Rural Practitioner Award- Service to Community. The practice where he works has also been awarded the 2013 Victorian Rural Practice of the year.

With the books Paul has released the most recent ‘The Further Tales of a Country Doctor’ has been showcased in the Frankfurt Book Fair last year (2014).  He has also started promotion through a variation of social media sites such as Facebook, Book Country, Amazon and Linkedin. This year (2015) Book Country has named his book the number one editors pick. He is currently trying to promote his books to many universities that support rural doctors. Donating books of his first book ‘Hale and Hardy” to the universities for new graduates to hopefully encourage them into a career in rural practice medicine. We hope so see more of Paul Carters work in the Future.

Visit Dr. Paul Cater for more information.


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