Time Inc. Designer Binoyeeta Das is Today’s Honoree for Monday January 11th, 2016


BinoyeetaI currently work as a designer with the giant Time Inc., one of the most gratifying career decisions I made. Previously, I have had the opportunity to work with several start ups based from Mumbai and Bangalore, in India. Each work station with an unique yet great set of vision.

For fun I like to devour the movie industry, read once a while and collect art pieces vivaciously over the web.

I feel, Design & Music is like Calvin & Hobbes, one incomplete without the other. A taste in different genre of music lets me escape into an unrevealing world of passion towards life, human, nature, beauty, their existence and connection.

Being brought up in a naturally rich countryside, Assam, I am highly passionate about safaris, trekking and traveling, which has been overtaken by a creative adventure at present.

Design is a complex yet intricately evolutionary field. Interactive art have always been the biggest inspiration in my life. I come from an artistic background that has merged with technology and evolved into web development. I am a passion-driven, little cynical but highly methodical and organized individual.

With a 3+ years experience in graphic designing for print and web media, I’ve been using my communication design skills and the right set of software tools for creating mediums to influence the visual world.

Design Profile: Layout Design

Responsible for the visual layout of different Time Inc. banner magazines from UK.
Primary utilizing photos, graphics and other forms of artwork to create the inside pages of a magazine. A thorough understanding of the magazine’s target audience and analysis of market trends are necessary to make a magazine more visually appealing than that of the competition.


• Excellent abilities with graphic design software such as Adobe InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop
• Able to follow up with creative briefs and deliver on time for publication
• Enjoy combining creativity with technical work
• Able to schedule and prioritize tasks and give attention to detail
• Interested in solving complicated publication layout issues, such as balancing advertisements with content

Visit Binoyeeta Das for more information.


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