Rime Co-Founder Girish Nayak is Today’s Honoree for Thursday January 7th, 2015

RimeI have a passion for building product/services which can solve real life problems. “I believe Art and Technology together can bring greatest inventions of human life.”

I am Co-Founder of Rime (https://rime.co). It is an initiative towards saving the internet from gatekeepers like Facebook, who thinks “Facebook is the internet”. Rime is a social content aggregator, helps users to connect multiple social media accounts to one Rime profile and bring their contents to one unified timeline and your followers will never miss an update. We treat all contents and platform equally. Our vision is to create world’s largest platform where content creators can connect with different genre artists and share their creativity. Rime is a platform which doesn’t allows to create content on its site but have content from all the platform. We envision rime as a go-to place for “people and content” search.

There are more than 3 billion internet users and more than 1.5 billion users have multiple social media account. Rime helps them to connect multiple social media accounts and brings all their publicly shared content on one “Unified timeline”. It creates “Unique identity” which holds all of their online presence and makes it saves time and make easier for other people to follow them and know more about them.

Rime Gives You Reasons:

• Cloud services are good but what if you want to showcase your stuff to world? Rime allows you to socialize on content from cloud storage.

• Show world your research ideas, gaming skills, paper published, photography, music, art, thoughts, memories and what not, In sort we cover every dots.

• Enjoy every moment of life and preserve it for ever by hand picking events from memory lane, create collection, make stories, your marriage to your grandson first smile -never miss a thing.

• Discover whats cool from wide range of content across web.

• We build a product that let people to add flavor to their content and color to their life and help them to connect, share, explore and express more than ever.

Currently, I am on the path to Explore the limits of life created by the surroundings…I am an entrepreneur, who does photography, travels a lot in bike, a dreamer and a lover 🙂

Visit Girish Nayak for more information.

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