ActionSprouts CEO and Founder Drew Bernard is Today’s Honoree for Wednesday December 23rd, 2015

DrewBernardDrew is the CEO and founder of ActionSprouts, a digital ap that helps small non profits get the most out of their digital world. I met Drew when his company offered Facebook grant ads ($1200) to over 2,000 small non profits. Not only did I learn amazing things, and have our organization grow because of it, during our interaction Drew and his partner Shawn were always available and tuned in looking to help us more. ActionSprouts is a free (FREE) ap for non profits and I believe that their company is doing this for all the right reasons. And how often do you find that?

Drew’s a rabid advocate for making the world healthier, more just and joyful. He spends his days supporting ActionSprout’s team and partners to ensure they have the tools and knowledge needed to succeed on Facebook and beyond. Drew’s been helping organizations build productive relationships with supporters online since the early 2000’s. When not at the office, he’s usually mentoring entrepreneurs or laughing and exploring with his wife,
kids and labradoodle, Charlie.

Visit Drew Bernard for more information.

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