Author Joy Brisbane is Today’s Honoree for Friday December 18th, 2015

JoyBrisbaneThrough Joy Brisbane’s personal experiences of pain, she realized that people don’t need a large textbook of healing, but rather something easy that could be picked up and read on the spot.

“Walking Through Spirit” is a book that will help individuals step out of their darkness and reclaim happiness through some of the toughest moments of their life. It is a book of 30 short chapters that are designed for self-helping and awakening for inner beauty.

The messages conveyed in the book seek to touch the lives of others and help them find peace and joy. Readers will instantly feel comfortable opening their minds and hearts to the possibility of healing themselves from tough situations.

At about the age of seven, Joy became aware that she was able to see beings that her parents called her ‘imaginary friends’.  She quickly learnt that it was best to keep her friends to herself.  Back in the 1950s psychic ability was not as accepted as it is now.

Throughout her life she continued to hide her ability to communicate with ‘unseen beings’, fearing the ridicule that came when she dared to try and share her experiences.  In 2002 she became a widow and it was then she decided to step into doing what she felt she had come into this lifetime to do….use the gift of psychic ability with which she had been born.

Stepping into her new life had many challenges: the loss of friends who thought she had lost all sensibility, facing her fears of ridicule, and facing up to a complete change in life style.  But what Joy has gained in return is great satisfaction and joyfulness in being able to help others face their challenges; a sense of peace in knowing she is now being true to self, and the excitement of watching others discover their own beautiful selves.

Joy has the solid training behind her of nursing and Life Line counselling.  She has also completed other courses such as Theta Energy Healing and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy.  She now combines all of her training and psychic skills to help others to come into self awareness and healing through her gifts of being a medium, energy healing, counsellor and the reading of cards.  Her sessions are 2 hours in duration.  During that time she brings through for her client messages from their loved ones, introduces them to their helpers/guides in the realm of Spirit, works through problems the client may have…grief in its many forms, work related issues, personal difficulties, relationship issues…and helps them explore who they truly are and what road they want to walk in life.

Joy has written poetry since 1971 and published in newspaper, literary magazines and anthologies in England, United States of America, India and Australia. Joy has self published three volumes of poetry and in 2003 launched her CD, Words and Rhythm – thirty peoms backed with music and sound effects She performs and exhibits her poems which are printed over the top of her photography, mounted and framed. In 2004 Joy began a poetry competition called The Reason-Brisbane Poetry Prize.

Visit Joy Brisbane for more information.

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