Author Michael Stansfield is Today’s Honoree for Thursday December 17th, 2015

TheLoveTheoryWith the constant clash between the democrat and republican parties and also the never-ending conflict in the Middle East, the inability to agree or to merely understand one another lies at the heart of the problem. Never before has a book looked to explain philosophy, politics and religion and their connection in such depth.

Because of this, Michael Stansfield decided to write “The Love Theory,” a book for everyone that analyzes not just one subject, but a myriad of subjects that correlates all of the material together, adding a distinct angle of contrast.

“The Love Theory” is divided into four sections: the capitalist element, moralist element, humanist element, and socialist element. Stansfield shows the importance of each theme having a voice and a dialogue among one another.

“Each voice is beautiful, unique, and has a right to be heard,” Stansfield said.

Stansfield’s dedication to understanding and explaining these concepts is shown throughout the book. On average, Stansfield spent five years writing each section – plus an additional three years tying the sections together.

“There is a symmetry between all religions and philosophies so that I am all faiths and I am none, I am all political parties and I am none,” Stansfield said.

By reading “The Love Theory”, Stansfield hopes to enlighten the population on the similarities of the many theories that are constantly at war. This all-encompassing book will offer a learning experience for readers about their own beliefs and insight on differing viewpoints.

About the Author:

Michael Stansfield has dedicated his life to eliminating bigotry in the world by challenging opposing ideas to help look for symbiotic connections amongst themselves. As a capitalist, moralist, humanist, and socialist – Stansfield brings a fresh perspective as a new author in his book “The Love Theory.” All while immersing himself into different activities to understand many topics, Stansfield now speaks publically about his experiences. The author currently resides in Oregon, as an applications engineer, with his wife and child.

Visit Michael Stansfield for more information.


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