Author Cade Soleil is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday December 8th, 2015

NevermoreResearch shows that 20 people per minute are victims of physical violence by an intimate partner in the United States. This statistic, alone, shows that over ten million women and men are affected by this epidemic.

After Cade Soleil was abused in her childhood and later finding out that the same man had abused her daughter, she began a journey of rediscovering herself and the truths she had denied for so long.

In “Nevermore,” Soleil writes her story in a play format – showing readers the perseverance and healing she experienced. Soleil’s encounters will give abusers hope to turn around from the ways and also the abused to find peace.

About the Author:

Cade Soleil is currently a Certified Holographic Memory Resolution Practitioner, helping people heal from trauma. Forced to leave her corporate career 17 years ago due to disability from autoimmune disease, Soleil was determined to find restoration. No longer disabled, she loves sharing her healing experience with others. In her recently released book “Nevermore”, Cade transparently shares her traumas from abuse and how she won freedom over their influences. By bringing to light the subject of abuse, she hopes that her story and choice of words will impact the victims of abuse as well as the perpetrators. A lover of nature, Soleil lives in Mississippi and thrives in this land of live oaks, Spanish moss, and family.

Visit Cade Soleil for more information.

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