Neurosurgeon Dr. Burak Ozgur is Today’s Honoree for Friday December 4th, 2015

drozgur-homeBurak Ozgur, M.D. is one of the best US neurosurgeons specializing in minimally invasive spine neurosurgery for the treatment of spine conditions or injuries in children, adults and seniors, such as scoliosis, chronic back pain, neck pain, degenerative disc disease and more. His achievements have earned him a double-board certification from the American Board of Neurological Surgery and the American Board of Spine Surgery. He has been recognized for his excellence, in-depth knowledge and expertise in this specialty by reputable healthcare rating resources, including the 2014 Super Doctors in Southern California and the 2013 Most Compassionate Doctor, an patient-driven award that is bestowed only to 5 percent of the nation’s 870,000 active medical practitioners.

With an impressive background that includes a unique dual orthopedic surgery-neurosurgery spine fellowship, Dr. Ozgur has built his medical expertise on meticulous and conservative spine treatments that shorten rehabilitation times, preserve native tissues, and maximize treatment outcomes. Dr.Ozgur provides high quality orthopedic surgery-neurosurgery results combined with individualized and compassionate patient care.

A native of California,US Dr. Ozgur has also dedicated a huge part of his medical career to clinical studies and scientific research involving spine and neurosurgery techniques and procedures, with numerous scientific publications in peer and non-peer reviewed journals, book chapters, oral presentations and books.

Visit Dr. Ozgur for more information.

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