Chef India Ramos and Rachelle Lovett of Urban Vines Wine Company are Today’s Honorees for Tuesday December 2nd, 2015

ChefIndiaAbout India Ramos Executive Chef &  Garagiste Urban Vines Wine Company & Ramos and Lovett Catering

Up and coming Chef and Winemaker India Ramos was born in Queens, New York and grew up in and around the city. As a hobbyist wine maker and avid adult beverage consumer, she decided to try her hand at professional winemaking and Urban Vines Wine Company was born. After multiple visits to different wine regions, and touring many wineries and vineyards, she developed a deeper love for wine making and started to understand how important wine and food were to each other.

Chef Ramos worked years towards her calling in the world of food and wine and moved to Atlanta, Georgia in 2009 to plant the seeds of her wine business. While being the Chef favorite amongst friends, she was persuaded to become a Chef and spent several years working with and being mentored by many seasoned local Atlanta Chefs. Much of Chef Ramos’s style, a fusion style and interpretation of many cuisines she enjoys, have been inherited from her father who is also a Chef. This exposure allowed her to develop and increase her food and wine knowledge of this ever growing industry.

Chef India Ramos offers unique experiences pairing food, wine making, and mixology with art culture and the city life. She also offer’s personal and private labeled wine services, wine tasting events, dinners, and personal chef services to her clients and customers. With food and wine being a passion of India’s, she will forever be committed to be a student of its culture and creation.

 RachelleLovettAbout Rachelle Lovett, Director of S​ales and Operations: Urban Vines Wine  Company & Ramos and Lovett Catering

While growing up in Chicago, Rachelle learned to use the fundamentals she gained from the hustle and bustle of the city to fuel her success. While on a golf scholarship to Jackson State University, she earned her Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a minor in Marketing. She became an advocate for food after tasting several amazing culinary creations by friend and Chef, India Ramos. Growing up in a single parent household where food was limited and strictly treated as a means to an end; Rachelle could appreciate India’s unique and well prepared creations.

“Its food your mother would want you to eat; re-invented and masked deliciously to provide an unforgettable food experience.”UrbanVines

​​Already sold on India’s one of a kind culinary style, custom wine making was the icing on the cake. ​Rachelle has the professional resourcefulness and personal drive that will assist India Ramos to reach the highest level of success in wine making and culinary services. Her passion for exceeding expectations provides a refreshing alternative to customer service. Rachelle’s goal is to change the way people eat and drink; generating a new urban culinary experience and lifestyle.​​​​​

“It’s not just providing you with food and wine; we offer you a culinary EXPERIENCE”​​​​​​

Visit Urban Vines Wine Company for more information.

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