Wish for Wash Founder and President Jasmine Burton is Today’s Honoree for Monday November 30th, 2015

JasmineBurtonI have an undeniable passion for serving others. I love to inspire and be inspired by the world around me. As a recent graduate from Georgia Tech, I have been blessed with a plethora of opportunities from which I continue to grow. Participating in the Georgia Tech Women’s Leadership Conference, the CDC’s Summer Public Health Scholars Program at Columbia University, a human rights fellowship through Humanity in Action, and my Industrial Design studio classes that emphasize ethnographic research, I have had the opportunity to learn about and experience the public health needs and disparities in low-income communities and in the world around me. My specific design passion is to improve women’s health by means of redesigning WASH infrastructure (such as toilets and menstrual hygiene products) in and for these communities.

According to UNICEF, 2.6 billion people lack hygienic sanitation facilities and 768 million people drink unsafe drinking water and, of these people, women and girls are disproportionately burdened by poor sanitation and water inequities. These statistics are what motivates me to pursue work in the field of sanitation and what makes me passionate about the success of Wish for WASH. I would one day like to pursue a Masters in Public Health with a focus on global maternal and child health.

Ultimately, I seek to use my creativity to make the world smile.

About Wish for Wash:

We are a social-impact organization that strives to bring innovation to sanitation through culturally specific research, design and education because #everybodypoops.

After conducting interviews with key stakeholders in the sanitation and humanitarian space, we have learned that in order for us to create a sustainable, social impact, and WASH specific venture, we need to empower the communities to be actively involved our product development; therefore, our theory of development is community based solutions. Our initial products and services are specifically targeting refugees.

2.6 billion people in the world today do not have access to their basic sanitation needs. People are often expected to use unsustainable and overflowing pit latrines (or holes in the ground), which many times forces them to openly defecate leading to a host of both mental and physical health issues. In fact, the World Health Organization states that approximately 4,000 children are dying from preventable WASH related diseases because of poor sanitation everyday. Universal access to improved sanitation infrastructure is our #wishforWASH.

Visit Wish for WASH for more information.

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