Author Amanda Farmer is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday November 24th, 2015

AmandaFarmerNo Longer A Child of Promise details the continuation and outcome of the personally distinctive story of one Mennonite lady, who’s leaving the farm was portrayed in her first memoir, If You Leave This Farm … The Dream Is Destroyed.

This sequel chronicles the adventures of this young Mennonite lady who at age 29 is now free to make her own choices as an adult. But that freedom and joy are tainted by the intertwined and overpowering story of the continued disintegration of the relationships in her family of origin, not only amongst themselves but within the Mennonite community as well.

This is one story of what can happen when one’s priorities in life are sadly misplaced. In addition, favoritism of the one child who stays on the farm while others leave to begin a different life leads to unspoken, unrecognized, and unresolved conflicts that tear the family apart.

Amanda Farmer, grew up on a farm in Pennsylvania and moved to Minnesota at age 16. She worked together with her family on a large dairy farm there until the age of 29. At the age of 29 Amanda was ready to discover life outside of the Mennonite culture she was raised in. In her memoir, “No Longer a Child of Promise,” Author Amanda Farmer shares her story of escaping the tight reign of her father and wrestles with facing the rejection and betrayal that follows.

Through trying to make amends with her family Amanda has learned hard life lessons about the inner workings of family relationships and the importance of addressing family issues before they can get passed down to future generations.

Amanda now lives with her husband on a hobby farm in the Southeastern, Mn area. They have one grown daughter. Amanda holds a Master’s Degree in Nurse Anesthesia and is employed in that field. She has been writing her memoirs in her spare time.

Visit Amanda Farmer for more information.


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