Music Producer James A. Worthy is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday November 17th, 2015

JamesWorthyResiding in Atlanta, GA as an established music producer and songwriter, James has found his own sound to be a mixture between melodic hip hop/rnb, neo soul, and urban music. With his favorite all time artist being Michael Jackson, he is also known to be versatile in having experience in all genre’s of music.

Accompanying his musical flexibility, James has also worked with various artists such as: Truth Hurts, Jovan Dais, Bobby Brown Jr, Yung Berg, Arrested Development, Dave Tolliver of Men At Large, and many others.

With artists and their fan base, Producer James Worthy is on the rise to an even brighter future. From being in the studio to proactively working next to his team, DreammusikGroup, there is no room for sleep when it comes to creating music. As a producer and songwriter, he takes on a wider entrepreneurial role as a rewarding display of talent.

James may easily be described as a combination of creativity, hard work, and dedication. Music is more than just a notion, well stated by a favorite quote of his “Music are Emotions”

Founded DreammusikGroup, A Production Company With Clients Including Acts Like:

Men At Large
Truth Hurts
Bobby Brown Jr
Yung Berg
Mucho Deniro
Headkrack (Ricky Smiley Morning Show) & Many More!

Visit Music Producer James A. Worthy for more information.

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