Artist J. Ahmad is Today’s Honoree for Thursday November 12th, 2015

JAhmadWho is J. Ahmad? J. Ahmad is a Singer, Songwriter, Artist, Producer and actor

This Fall and top of 2016 music aficionados and industry insiders will be inflamed with the artistic expression and refreshing sound of J. Ahmad—one of the most groundbreaking and versatile independent artist to emerge in years.

Individually classifying his music as Christian R&B/Trap , J. Ahmad’s release of “POWER” strives to usher in a new generation of believers while simultaneously assuaging the spiritual palate of seasoned ones.

Listeners are unified as the album’s self-affirming and universal message builds to a crescendo through J Ahmad’s flawless presentation of each song in a style that is uniquely his own.

“I love that my music doesn’t fit into a typical category. I write and sing music for the lost as well as the found,” said J. Ahmad. “I want my music to develop a lifestyle that people don’t just sing about but they live about as well.”

Cloaked in his tranquil vocal prowess, J. Ahmad’s musical bounty, “POWER”, galvanizes listeners to acknowledge their own God-given value through his creativity and versatility as a writer and singer.

Far from traditional offerings of the past, J. Ahmad offers up a delectable fusion of musical virtuosity that accentuates the infinite message of righteousness through love and purpose.

Visit J. Ahmad for more information.

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