Entrepreneurs Einar and August Agustsson are Today’s Honoree for Wednesday November 4th, 2015

TrinityBorn and raised in Iceland, brothers Einar and Agust Agustsson were both inspired and determined to share the benefits of clean energy with the rest of the world. In their country, they had and an endless supply of fresh air and clean, wind-generated energy. After taking a trip to the United States, they were surprised by the high energy costs. To that end, their Iceland headquarted company with an office in Minnesota, Janulus, launched Trinity – The Portable Wind Turbine Power Station that comes in four different models anywhere from producing an incredible powerful and portable system capable of producing power for everything from your smartphone to your entire house and car. After years of innovative engineering of their 3D printed prototypes, Trinity is well on its way to transforming how we generate clean energy and the entire manufacturing process takes place in Iceland.

The fact is America is in an energy crisis. This summer was one of the hottest one of record, and Americans felt it. According to a 2015 report on highest and least expensive states, about 7.3 percent of the average consumer’s total annual income goes to energy costs. In fact, energy bills can be so high that in some states such as Connecticut, the average energy bill is $407 a month. It also states, that lower prices don’t always equate with lower costs, as consumption is a key determinant in the total amount of an energy bill.

In the back of their minds, Einar and Agust knew their had to be a way to get those energy costs down without Americans having to spend tens of thousands of dollars buying alternative energy sources. Small wind electric systems are one of the most cost-effective home-based renewable energy systems — with zero emissions and pollution.

Small wind electric systems can:

  • Lower your electricity bills by 50 to Ninety Percent
  • Help you avoid the high costs of having utility power lines extended to a remote location
  • Help uninterruptible power supplies ride through extended utility outages

Trinity, is manufactured in Iceland – a country run completely on renewable energy. Trinity allows anyone to generate clean energy anywhere, store it for when needed and even sell the excess energy not required. Janulus then made a powerful energy generator called Trinity 2500 that can be set up outside your home and plugged directly into an outlet without requiring any additional wiring or electrical know-how. Besides portability, other features of the Trinity wind turbines are their ease of use and low cost. Inverter, batteries and controllers are built in to the unit, while the wind turbine is essentially plug-and-play. This allows the Trinity to plug into a wall socket and convert the power it generates and stores to provide power to all other outlets – no electrician is required. The unit also switches automatically between charging devices from the battery or directly from the turbine, depending on how much electricity is being generated.

Wind turbines are especially advantageous for the company’s home in the upper Midwest of the U.S., with its long, cloudy winters and higher than average wind speeds. The minimum speed for the Trinity to work is 4 mph (6.5 km/h). Once speeds reach 25 mph (40 km/h), the turbine can be converted to the vertical setting. The Trinity also comes with a smartphone app, which allow users to monitor the battery level, turn the blades on or off, see how much electricity is being generated as well as the historical data of wind and energy generated.

Visit Janulus for more information.

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