Author D.R. Willis is Today’s Honoree for Thursday October 29th, 2015

DRWillisIs it possible to burry your past along with your identity? This is what main character, Nick Davis, seeks to do in the book “Cascading Lies.” Filled with mystery, family curses, and romance author D.R. Willis introduces the next suspenseful thriller in his trilogy.

After the death of his uncle and encountering a mysterious stranger, Nick Davis became surrounded by a ring of dark secrets that threatened his life. Desperate for a clean slate, Nick sees disappearance as his only option. With the curse from his family past following him, Nick quickly changes his name and location only to find himself surrounded by enemies once again.

“Cascading Lies is a fun read with lots of twists and turns,” said Willis. “In a fictional world it has a real feel.”

Willis’ background in storytelling began when he started writing and reading short stories to entertain his mother who had become legally blind due to diabetes. Since then, Willis has gone on to write “Lonely Deceptions” and “In Shadows.”

Readers will enjoy trying to solve the mystery as Nick Davis experiences shady characters, budding romance and his haunting past.

About the author:

D.R. Willis is an avid reader and writer of the thriller and suspense genres. He initially began telling stories to entertain his ill mother. When he is not writing D.R. Willis is a Chocolatier at his family’s chocolate shop, All Things Chocolate and More.

Visit D.R. Willis for more information.


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