Filmmaker Sareta Cheathem is Today’s Honoree for Wednesday October 28th, 2015

SaretaI tested the waters of film making  in 2004 when I worked as a Production Assistant on 17000 Block, an independent urban film written and directed by my childhood friend and mentor Curtis “Al Nuke” Franklin.  I worked in every department, picking up skills and knowledge along the way.  From casting auditions, location scouting to final distribution, I participated.  After working on 17000 Block, I continued to work with Curtis Franklin on music videos, commercials and television shows as an Assistant Director, Producer and Production Assistant.  I knew then that FILM was my new LOVE.

In 2008 I teamed up with Darren Brown Films as a Producer.  I have produced videos for national and independent artist all across the county.  It was with Darren that I produced my first film “DANCING SHOES”.  Although this film was never released, it will always be the most exciting film I produced – My First!

In 2012 I joined my mentor “AL NUKE” in Atlanta to help him with completion of his latest project “Birds of a Feather” (BOF) as its Producer.  Upon completion of BOF I wrote “WINNERZ”.  The first of of my Screenplays to be filmed.  I wrote WINNERZ in a record 5 days and we filmed it in 20 days.  I am blessed to have had all of the opportunities that God has given me.  Currently I am working on (2) screenplays that will be filmed in 2013.  I’m keeping busy & loving it!

“God has blessed me with a tremendous amount of talent. I give thanks everyday for who I am and for everything that I do! GOD IS SOOO GOOD!!! Everything I do…is for Him!” -Sareta

The Screenwriter:

Is there a story idea you’d like to turn into a MOVIE, TV Show, Reality Show or Documentary?  Do you have any idea for a screenplay and need someone to write your SCRIPT for you?  Are you a Production Company seeking Writers for your next Film Project? If so then I’M THAT WRITER!  I Love Writing Stories!  I have written several screenplays over the years.  Some are my ORIGINAL scripts and others are stories that were told to me by clients like yourself. Be it Fiction or Based on a True Story, I can make it better than anything you could imagine!

The Producer:

As a Producer I have been responsible for just about every aspect of filming Movies, Music Video, Documentaries & Commercials.  Casting, Hiring Directors & Crew Members, Handling Contracts, Release Forms, Finding Locations, Props, Obtaining Music Licensing, Editing, etc….. You name it I have done it from Pre-production to Post-production.  I PRODUCE!   I have included a few of my projects for you to watch!  Enjoy!

Coordinator at Moguldom Studios:

Moguldom Studios aims to be the next-generation production company, creating  independent documentary films that are branded as “Docutainment.”

Visit Sareta Cheathem for more information.

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