The GreenHouse Foundation Founders CeeLo Green and Shedonna Alexander are Today’s Honoree

CeeLo Green

The GreenHouse Foundation was founded by entertainer CeeLo Green and his sister Shedonna Alexander. Honoring a family tradition of community service and philanthropy, the organization was created to continue the legacy started by their grandmother, Ruby Callaway Robinson, Executive Director of CASCADE, a national nonprofit organization dedicated to addressing the issues of drug use and abuse amongst our nations youth, and their late mother. Sheila J. Callaway, an ordained minister and one of the first African American female firefighters in the city of Atlanta, Georgia.

ShedonnaCeeLo and Shedonna are committed to the mission of the GreenHouse Foundation and its’ goal to “empower children with the knowledge, attitude and desire to positively influence their futures, their communities and the long term sustainability of their planet”


The GreenHouse Foundation was founded to educate, inspire and influence school-aged children in disadvantaged areas to become responsible stewards of their environment, communities and future.


The GreenHouse Foundation currently serves private, public and charter schools, and their students, in disadvantaged areas with diverse populations, backgrounds and cultures.


As people around the world become increasingly concerned with the environmental impact of our actions, children want and need to know where they fit in. They want to understand how negative actions can create long term damage and how they can make small changes now to impact the future.

We believe that through education in the classroom and hands-on outdoor learning activites, children embrace the benefits of adopting a “green” lifestyle so they can positively impact the sustainability of our resources, communities, and environment.


At the GreenHouse Foundation we evaluate success in the number of children, teachers and schools that participate in  our GreenHouse School Partnerships and the impact they directly have on the environment and their communities.

Visit The GreenHouse Foundation for more information.


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