Author Kerry Tyson is Today’s Honoree

KerryTysonKAL: Odd, Rare, Beautiful Novel Urges Readers to Question Life Choices & Appreciate Power of Friendship

Loosely based on the life of author Kerry Tyson, ‘Kal’ takes readers deep into the life of the title character – an unwanted young boy who quickly transitions from helpless child, to fantastical teen and finally to a young adult caught in the wrath of a radical closed community. Tyson’s intense and bold narrative will be extremely close to the heart of any reader, ultimately serving as a microcosmic showcase of the human condition.

 When Kerry Tyson shares his life story with people, it literally sounds like the screenplay to a movie dreamed up in Hollywood. Unconventional, shocking and often unbelievable, tales of his early life in a close-knit, cult-like family usually result in others saying “you should write a book”. Well, now he has.

Kal’ is fact inspired by fiction; a showcase of the human condition so powerful and pertinent to humanity that it must be told to the world.

About the Author:

Kerry grew up in the small village of Flore, Northamptonshire where he was born.

At age 16 he became a member of a radical and expanding ‘family’, living in a community, sharing personal wealth, possessions attempting to create an alternative society.

Eleven years on – he left, was re-born into the world and met some faithful friends, restoring his faith in humanity. Kerry was married seven years later to Sue, in an overflowing church in Birmingham; has been happily married ever since, and blessed with a son – Kyle, and daughter – Keisha. All share his love for Border Collie’s which they have never been without.

Visit Kerry Tyson for more information.


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