Filmmaker Alyze Elyse is Today’s Honoree for Friday October 2nd

AEAlyze Elyse (Born In Greensboro North Carolina ) is an African American Actor, Singer, and Filmmaker. She produced her first film in 2008 called Innocent. With no names, no label support, and raising 5 children, being an entertainer was a heavy load. But she never stopped. Alyze Elyse’s first  break came with the release of ” Innocent” which was turned down by every production company at the time when independent films were considered less. But Alyze Elyse never let that distract her. She and her partner Jarrell Crump continued to seek out avenues that could help them get their film out to the consumer during a time when Social Media wasn’t dominant, but still they remained. With continued effort, she was lead to a small independent film distribution company that gave her film Innocent its first nationwide platform. From Blockbuster,Hollywood Video, and Netflix, Innocent was an urban indie major film success which created a cult following nationwide.

Staying humble, Alyze went on to writing her first play called I’m That Kind Of Woman” which eventually turned into a film in which she used no known names but continued to surprise the non believers with sellout theatrical shows for all her following films. With opportunities from Redbox, Walmart, Video On Demand,and Amazon, just to name a few, her films has rented and sold Alyzethousands with every release. As a Female Executive Producer and Screenwriter, Alyze Elyse is setting up for new projects on the way from Drama to Comedy, from Features to Animation, Alyze Elyse is a phenomenally gifted and multitalented woman. From the studio to filmmaker, she is making history with the creation of her films and music. No other black woman in her region’s history can boast a self-made album with singles in the top 10 on Billboard and a collection of self-made films that has been independently successfully distributed nationwide without the help of any major studio support.

As a writer, Alyze is extremely talented in knowing how to relate to her core audience.With titles such as “Innocent”,”I’m That KInd Of Woman”,”Behind Closed Doors”,”and “24 hours”, she has dominated the urban market with such a strong grassroot following. Alyze Elyse knows how to relate and that has been one of her great attributes towards her success in the industry. Alyze Elyse is an inspiration for many women who tackle so many obstacles that come along with being strong and determined in such a male driven industry. Alyze Elyse is truly walking the road of success that gives her the opportunity to express her inner feelings without bondage and the strongholds that many struggle with in pursuing their dreams. Alyze Elyse is not classified any longer as the unknown. She is blessed with fans worldwide that truly enjoy her films. Alyze Elyse/ Soul City Films is just getting started with many new upcoming promising projects to look out for.

Visit Alyze Elyse for more information.

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2 Responses to Filmmaker Alyze Elyse is Today’s Honoree for Friday October 2nd

  1. Paris J. says:

    Love her work! Very talented. #BlackGirlsRock

  2. Im proud of Alyze Elyse. Muah Thank you for honoring her she is a beautiful person and a great women.

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