Author E.E. Hunt is Today’s Honoree for Wednesday September 30th, 2015

EEHUNTHave you ever had an encounter with someone that changed your life for the better? Maybe you met someone for a few minutes and you genuinely admired that person. If someone knows this feeling, it’s E.E. Hunt.

In his new book, “Aristocrats of the Spirit,” Hunt shares stories of humans from every race, religion, and background that touched his life.

“I consider each person to be an aristocrat of the spirit because each was memorable in my early life and in more than 50 years of ministry,” Hunt said.

From his baseball coach to P.L. Travers, the author of Mary Poppins, Hunt shares of incredible stories and encourages readers to be an aristocrat for people around them.

Hunt reminds readers that even an everyday hero/heroine has the potential to inspire. “Aristocrats of the Spirit” is a book that will give individuals a purpose and help many understand the importance of all human life.

About the Author:

E.E. Hunt has lived in rural California; suburban St. Louis; New York City for sixteen years; Dallas, Texas; and Paris, France for ten years. His previous published work was academic, having graduated from Stanford University with two degrees, theEpiscopal Seminary in Austin, Texas, and Princeton Theological Seminary where he earned a doctorate. His interest is in promoting a common sense of human decency amongst the practitioners of all faiths.

Visit E.E. Hunt for more information.

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