Author Marjorie Irish Randell is Today’s Honoree for Tuesday September 22nd

MarjorieAfter living in an air park in the foothills of the High Sierras near Sacramento, Calif., for 22 years, author Marjorie Irish Randell found the lives of “flying people” fascinating.

Residential air parks, also known as “fly-in communities,” are specifically designed around private airports where residents each own and park their planes next to their homes, which are adjacent to runways.

In her novel, “The Aerie: Air Strip on Weeks Mountain,” Randell tells the fictional story of an air park community whose residents fall into a tailspin after a mysterious murder is committed within the park.

An in-depth look into the thoughts and actions of pilots, their wives and their families, Randell uses her cast of colorful characters to highlight the dynamics of tight-knit aviation communities and the camaraderie and conflicts that develop within them.

“I have a never-ending interest in people and their relationships with one another,” Randell said. “And life in an air park is filled with never-ending surprises.”

About the Author:

Marjorie Irish Randell was married to a United States Air Force pilot for more than 67 years. She has published “Searching for Friday’s Child,” the true story of her WWII P.O.W. brother in the Philippine Islands, and is presently writing her third book. Marjorie has four sons, eight grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

Visit Marjorie Irish Randell for more information.

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