Kenwuan Meeks is Today’s Honoree for Thursday September 17th, 2015

MeeksKenwuan Meeks grew up in Drew, MS. He was raised in a single family home with his mom Shirley Meeks, although his father was a great role model and always wanted the best for Kenwuan. He had two siblings, Tamica Meeks his oldest sister and Nathan Moore his younger brother.

Kenwuan graduated from Drew, Ms in 1998, he was always pushed by his grandmother, keeping her words, “Mind your business and keep God first.” Kenwuan was convinced to join the US Navy shortly after school by his home town friend Kelvin Robinson. Kenwuan has completed many tours including Jerusalem, France, and Iraq.

Writing has always been apart of his life. When he was in high school he would write poems to the girls to see what effect he would haveon them by the expression on there face. The older he got, he would use writing as an outlet. Whenever he got lonely or stressed he would convert to writing.

TrustworthyKenwuan is now the author of the most anticipated book this year, Trustworthy, Eyes Can’t See Everything. Coming from a small town with a small population Kenwuan is determined to put the city of Drew, Mississippi on the Map.

About Trustworthy, Eyes Can’t See Everything:

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Couples fight with themselves as they try to untangle the madness within. How far can a secret go? one of the best of non fiction books. Author Kenwuan Meeks has surpassed expectations of recommended books. What started as a crazy idea is now one of the most anticipated novels this year. Strap on your seatbelt and prepare for the ride of your life. This novel is so good that we are already asking for the second edition. We can’t wait to see what he puts together next.

Visit Kenwuan Meeks for more information.

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