Architect Neil O. Campbell is Today’s Honoree for Monday September 14th, 2015

NeilOCampbellNeil O. Campbell grew up on a farm in Jamaica where he learned the importance of nature, simple living and a constant pursuit for making things better around him. His work of architecture is both proactive and responsive to current needs and the evolution of human growth.

“The pinnacle of success is when laughter, excitement and great memories are created in every space.” – Neil O. Campbell

About Us:

We refine exciting designs in efficient luxury living through private residences and community developments. Specializing in tailored residences, urban farm living, lifestyle programs, remodels and a lifelong commitment to research and develop the best solutions to how people live, grow and enjoy spaces.

Our Philosophy:

We are in constant pursuit of perfection and refinement; we never rest until the job is done to its fullest potential. We enjoy what we do so each day we come to work is a sweet labor of love. Nature is our truest inspiration and from it we can create the sweetest and simplest pleasures in life through design enhancements; it’s where our most favorite spaces are born and where we share the greatest memories with the people we love.

Visit Neil O. Campbell for more information.

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