Author Billy Phillips is Today’s Honoree for Thursday September 10th, 2015

ZombieBilly Phillips, President and CEO of Toon Studio Licensing, knows what it’s like to take charge of personal and professional battles. Author of new fantasy series Once Upon a Zombie, Phillips had to battle for the rights to zombie princesses to make his vision a reality and bring the most beloved fairytale characters to the afterlife.

Telling new tales for these classic stories was not his only goal, however; Phillips was influenced by his own experience with anxiety and OCD to reach out to youths in similar situations through his reimagining.

“This is a zombie book that is also not a zombie book,” Phillips explains. “The ‘zombie’ is a metaphor for the incessant impulses associated with fear. If fear, anxiety and selfishness blindly controls our lives, we are mindless, a slave to these rash impulses and negative thoughts.”

Here are some things you can learn from Phillips:

  • How his ‘zombies’ are a metaphor for the incessant impulses associated with ego, selfishness and fear, as well as how we can resist these urges
  • His personal experience with fears and phobias and how he used positive energy to take control again
  • The origin of the idea for the novel and the blending of zombies with the iconic fairy tale characters
  • His year-long battle with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and how he won the trademarks for Zombie Snow White, Zombie Cinderella, Zombie Sleeping Beauty, Zombie Alice and Zombie Rapunzel

Visit Billy Phillips for more information.

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