Celebrity Entrepreneur Tracy Balan is Today’s Honoree for Wednesday September 2nd, 2015

TracyBalanTracy Balan is more than a celebrity hair stylist. She embodies confidence, success and a passion for life. She exudes confidence and radiates a warm glow that makes people feel completely at ease in her presence. Her bubbly personality and career driven focus have helped her build her own brand and secure an impressive client list. Her motto is simple:

“Life is like a buffet, you might as well have it all now!”

Tracy is the perfect example of a strong and ambitious woman who reached success by following a rather unconventional route. Growing up with four sisters, she was practically born a stylist but she knew that a love for the field wasn’t necessarily enough to make a mark in the industry. Keen to gain an understanding of the business world and its marketing strategies, she enrolled in a business program. She’s always been a natural when it comes to networking, but the business program made her realize she has a real knack for marketing too. However, before deciding to dedicate her life to styling, she dove straight into her next adventure: A three year stint with United States Military Intelligence Department. Suffice to say, Tracy never tires from embracing opportunities and learning new things along the way. Unfortunately, her time at the U.S. Military Intelligence Department was cut short when she suffered a leg injury and returned home.

Ambitious as ever, Tracy returned to her childhood dream of specializing in hair-styling and extensions and enrolled at the Empire Beauty School. Establishing herself as a master in extensions and colour, her very own hair-styling brand soon started taking shape and has since attracted clients such as Jourdan Dunn and Florence Welch, to name but a few. Flipping through her portfolio, it is clear Tracy knows how to adapt her creative styling techniques to each individual client, highlighting their strong features and working with their weaknesses. She has worked in various sectors including editorial, celebrity, fashion and beauty, but it is fashion that attracts her the most: “It’s all about accessorizing the hair, not the clothes” she says.

Tracy’s work goes beyond styling. As a motivational speaker, she talks about how she experienced her career change, giving women the courage to follow their own dreams too. She speaks about beauty and female empowerment and offers advice about how to bring out the best in you. As a host on the Lifetime TV show “Girlfriend Intervention”, she has gone from being behind the scenes to taking center stage. In the show, she helped women from all walks of life find their way back to themselves and their true beauty. She believes in the importance of facing yourself in the mirror and truly examining who you are and who you want to be. Her Mirror, Mirror segment on Girlfriend Intervention, encourages her subjects to confront themselves in an honest manner, helping them understand what their own individual sense of beauty really is.

Her philosophy is clear: “Find what’s beautiful for you, not others.” Tracy strives to guide her clients through every step along the way of finding the very best version of themselves.

Visit Tracy Balan for more information.

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