Today’s Honoree for Tuesday September 1st, 2015 is Author Cynthia Hearne Darling

CynthiaHearneDarlingOver the past two decades, the use of anti-depressants in the United States has skyrocketed. One in ten Americans are now on various forms of anti-depressant medication; among women in their 40s and 50s, the figure is one in four and growing. Experts have offered numerous reasons, with depression the most common, and economic struggles only adding to stress and anxiety. But do we truly need all of these prescriptions or is over-diagnosis a real danger in our culture?

In Shunned: Outcasts in the Land, author Cynthia Hearne Darling takes a closer look at the anti-depressant industry and the dangers of an over-medicated society. Exploring what today’s politically correct society deems worthy of ‘shunning,’ Darling takes mystery, murder and one of the most charged topics in medicine to weave a fast-paced thriller that resonates with readers on the deepest levels.

In this nail-biting, stark look at society’s dependency on pharmaceuticals, Darling addresses:

  • What we really know about the anti-depressant industry and how it will affect society in the long-run
  • What today’s society deems worthy of ‘shunning,’ what shunning entails and how it impacts the lives of the main characters
  • The existence of the fight of good versus evil and how it is fought in everyday life
  • How being ‘different’ in modern society can both isolate and band groups of people together

About The Author:

Cynthia has worked everywhere from Indian reservations, mental institutions, even the U.S. Department of Justice. She prefers the reservations. The last books she has read were the short stories of William Faulkner (she understood them!)and a history about the wild frontier times in Western Kentucky. She got her dna done, which gave her a way of looking broadly at the world.

She went to the College of William and Mary in Virginia and picked up two masters’ degrees afterwards, one in public administration and one in social work. She is working on a novel about Georgetown, D.C., in the 1960’s at the moment. She wishes she had home-schooled her children, but it was hard to work and teach at the same time.

Her mother used to quote Shakespeare to her, especially after a couple of bourbons, so she thinks she got the literary gene from the maternal side. Her father was a mining engineer. The family moved around, and Cynthia went to four high schools. Her novel Shunned has some personal experiences behind it: she knows how it felt to be outside the group when your shoes were not quite right or when eveyone else in class knew each other.

Cynthia has also written a book of poetry entitled “Forty-Nine Poems” that she wrote while she had a job that required absolutely nothing for three months. She went to the office every day and was faced with a typewriter(very old school), a dictionary and a phone. Looking back, she thinks God arranged nicely for her to write. She thanks Him.

Visit Cynthia Hearne Darling for more information.

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