Today’s Honoree for Monday August 24th, 2015 is Author Lasai Love


Lasai Love was born in Memphis Tennessee. She loved there until she was ten before moving to the urban area of Atlanta, Georgia.

Upon  graduating from Washington High School, Lasia enrolled in Bauder  College where she spent the first three years completing her Bachelor’s   Degree.

After completing her degree Lasai  graduated with Masters Degree in Human Service. She then decided she  wanted to give back to the community by helping unemployed citizens find  jobs. She also assist with providing food and cooking for homeless.

While  traveling back home to Memphis, her passion for writing ignited when  she
realized through her life experience her story like so many others  was untold,
she wanted to enlighten others and deliver a message. Through her writings , Lasai wishes to educate, and entertainer readers.

About The Book:

Things fall apart so others can come together. That is a summation of the life of Raven Martin, a State of Georgia Department employee. Stylish Raven meets a charming worker in her office building that blossoms into an unlikely relationship. A tale of corruption, seduction, and bondage begins to unfold as Raven learns about the corrupt workings of the system- a price of love in a world far removed from her own.

Visit Lasai Love for more information.


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