Today’s Honoree for Friday August 21st, 2015 is Real Women Revealed Founder Audrey Jenkins


CEO/Founder/Facilitator: Real Women Revealed, LLC (RWR): an organization and reality talk show dedicated to inspiring women and girls to attain self-esteem; self-worth; and sisterhood; to assure that self-love is promoted.

Co-Director of: House of Miracles, Inc (HOMI): a non-profit 501©3 transitional sober-living facility for adult women and men in the early stages of recovery from drugs and alcohol; also for women who are in a transitioning phase from domestic violence; homelessness, & etc.

Director/Founder of “Real Women Revealed in Training” Mentoring Program

The program’s focus is to assist and aid young girls/women to understand the importance of self-love; self-worth; and self-esteem. We talk about the real issues that are affecting young girls/women (i.e. bullying; dating; etiquette; sisterhood friendships & much more) we provide these young women with mentorship to aid them on a road to success.

I believe it is vital to encourage/promote sisterhood amongst women. As we know women have become the back-bones of a lot of families throughout this country and who to better understand our joys & pain; our sorrows & mistakes; our accomplishments & passions than other women. When you truly love yourself and understand the “sisterhood mission” there is no stopping the “girl-power.”

James Brown said it best “It’s a man world but it wouldn’t be nothing without a Woman!” I thank God for my supportive children; husband; parents; cousins; nieces; nephews; aunts; uncles; and friends. Your unconditional support means so very much to me!

Visit Audrey Jenkins for more information.


Visit Audrey Jenkins for more information.

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