Artist Malcolm McCrae is Today’s Honoree

Malcolm McCrae, better known as “Airbrush Assassin”, was born August 24, 1980 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and currently lives in Sikeston, MO. He is a full-time artist, educator, speaker and author that embraces creativity and art as a lifestyle. He has been a leader as an airbrush artist for over 15 years, producing a number of instructional videos and books. As a self taught artist Malcolm remembers how difficult it was for him in the beginning, not having any books or instructional products that taught how to be a successful urban artist and grow a business. McCrae said “I made a conscious commitment to myself to create resources that would help the next generation of artists”.

Through the years he has traveled internationally and throughout America inspiring people through art. Malcolm’s artwork has been exhibited at galleries, festivals, and is now touring with the African American Contemporary Art Exhibit. He describes his work as “Urban Fusion”. A fusion of life experiences, passion and creativity. McCrae says the most important aspect of what he does is not only to create, but to inspire. He especially focuses on working with urban youth. He believes art has the opportunity and power to change lives. “I’m one of those people that can honestly say that, there have been many instances in my life growing up in an urban environment, where I was that at-risk youth that everyone talks about, but the art and creativity saved my life”.  So at a young age, that was his quest, to try and seek out as much knowledge as possible on how to be the best creative artist he could be, and dedicate his life to doing just that.

Malcolm was determined to follow his dreams, and at an early age he began working out of his basement, on street corners, in a music store, and eventually had his own shop making over $100,000 a year. He used his skills to earn money for his family and to stay out of trouble. Malcolm is currently traveling the country speaking and teaching, which is one of his true passions, instructing workshops and classes inspiring and teaching the next generation of artists. He has also built a facility in Sikeston, MO where people can learn, share, and be inspired through art. He is a regular contributor to numerous domestic and international magazines, for which he writes art criticism.

Visit Malcolm McCrae for more information.

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