Entrepreneur Samuel Hamilton is Today’s Honoree

SamuelHamiltonSam was born and raised in Lufkin, TX, where he experiences what society might call an “at risk” childhood. He witnessed numerous domestic disputes between the ages of 4 and 12, when his parents finally separated. This left his mother with the untenable obstacle of working two jobs to take care of five children. Since they moved from home to home, they experienced an unstable environment on all sides. Without positive and influential voices, he walked the common path of disrespect, violence, and drugs. Yet Sam refused to make a lifetime of bad decisions. He recognized that he could choose to continue down that doomed path, or he could pull himself up and travel down a path to “greatness.” His new path began at Prairie View A&M University in 1999, where he studied accounting. Sam began his career in corporate America in 2003.

He moved to Houston, Texas, and over the next 6 years, he worked in human resources, accounting, billing, collections, customer service, income taxes, management, sales, and IRS negotiations. In 2009, Sam rekindled his love for numbers while working for one of the nation’s largest Tax Resolution companies.

He was one of the firm’s top Consultants; he generating one million dollars in revenue and was ranked as #1 in a prestigious category for his production. Though he had found success in corporate America, he wanted to take his life and family to the next level. In 2010, he embraced the entrepreneurial spirit that had developed in him over the past 7 years. After only a few years, his company now has customers in over 30 states! Given his own experience in personal development and his passion for helping others, he decided to dive into the motivational speaking arena as well.

These days, Sam shares his successes and achievements, and even struggles along the way with others who may be at a crossroads in life. He also makes a point of investing in his home community of Lufkin, TX. Sam Hosted a public event titled, “Cultivating the Community, Chapter 1,” Hosted by Freeway Ricky Ross & Former NFL Star Rex Hadnot on Friday, December 13, 2013. He hopes that through his business, speaking, and community involvement, that his work will help people discover their own greatness.

“Most people are looking for their greatness in other areas,” says Sam, “when it has been with them the entire time.”

Visit Samuel Hamilton for more information.

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