Entertainer James Liotta is Today’s Honoree

JamesLiottaJames Liotta was born in Melbourne Australia and is an Australian-Italian award winning Actor as well as: Performer, Comedian, TV-Radio Presenter and Producer with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business working constantly in all facets of the industry.

James began entertaining audiences at the age of 8 years old securing the lead roles in school theatrical productions and quickly moving into semi-professional shows outside of school. (One of his earliest roles had him playing ‘Prince Charming’ in a version of Cinderella in Primary School.)

This also led him to gaining his first TV agent at the age of 8 and thus allowing him to participate sporadically in various TV series and Commercials. It was common for James to take time off school to work professionally in the TV business.

His passion for performance was evident through his teenage hood as he continued to study Drama and Theatre through High School at Northcote High School (Melbourne Australia) as well as taking weekend courses in ‘acting’ and ‘Film-Making’.

This enthusiasm for acting was instilled by his Father ‘Sebastiano’ who himself worked within the Italian Community as an Actor/Playwright having produced a multitude of fluent Italian speaking stage shows in Melbourne. James took part in every single one as an actor (in fluent Italian) and later went on to direct a number of his Fathers stage shows.

(James’ Father has also appeared in roles on TV and had much exposure playing ‘Eric Bana’s’ Father in THE CASTLE.)

The entertainment business became James’ lifestyle very fast straight out of Secondary School with it (entertainment) being the only major job James has undertaken and made a solid (and thankful) living out of.

In 2004 James graduated with a Diploma in Drama and Theatre from NMIT which also gave James’ stage comedy script “Wog FM” the chance to be produced by the class as their end of year graduating showcase. A huge achievement to have been selected and an asset to his C.V.

Over the years James has appeared on various TV shows such as: Underbelly Squizzy, Thank God You’re Here, Neighbors, Utopia, Prank Patrol, Upper Middle Bogan, Planet Unearth, Paper Giants, Gruen Planet, Quizmania, Hey Hey It’s Saturday, Satisfaction, Ground Zero, Video Hitz, The Project, Today Tonight, My Community and Under The Hammer just to name a few.

James has also performed roles on a number of independent feature films including the award winning MONSTER PIES and highly acclaimed TAJ.

Short film work has also accumulated fast for James as he now holds a vast number of roles under his belt. Many films have gone on to do well in the festival circuits gaining recognition and awards including: Tiramisu’, A Fairy Tale and the 2010 Tropfest finalist Falling Backwards.

Visit James Liotta for more information.

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