Author Margery Leveen Sher is Today’s Honoree

DidYaNoticeLife is undoubtedly busier than ever. Most of us are hustling and bustling our way through the years, lead by our overly scheduled calendars and with our nose pointed toward a screen. We wonder why anxiety rates are climbing, why we always feel behind and never quite fulfilled, and why we simply can’t quite connect with other people. We also wonder if there’s a solution that is actually realistic; one that won’t drastically call for us to give up the day jobs we need to pay the bills and move to an island, but will allow us to integrate a new way of thinking into our daily routine.

Margery Leveen Sher says there is a solution, and it begins with one simple thing: Noticing! In her new book The Noticer’s Guide to Living and Laughing: Change Your Life Without Changing Your Routine, Sher, Founder and Chief Noticing Officer of The Did Ya Notice? Project™, shares how by tweaking our mindset and learning to Notice even the “littlest” things in life, we will find more enjoyment and meaning and greater connection. Drawing on her years of experience as a successful entrepreneur in the work-life balance arena, as well as her personal experiences, Sher inspires with a fun, yet potentially life-changing guide aimed at positively shifting our mindsets.

Margery Leveen Sher is the Founder and Chief Noticing Officer of The Did Ya Notice? Project™. Sher is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and executive who has had a long consulting career working with corporations, government agencies, non-profit organizations, and foundations. She co-founded, grew, and eventually sold a successful consulting firm, which specialized in developing work-life balance programs and policies. Her firm worked with many multinational corporations as well as U.S. government agencies including the White House. She also has developed a number of non-profit organizations and two charitable funds.

Sher posts new Noticing essays weekly at and she blogs for The Huffington Post. She has published a book on corporate-supported childcare and numerous articles on various aspects of work-life balance.

Sher holds a Master’s Degree in Developmental Psychology from Rutgers University. She is the mother of two excellent, grown sons and has one amazing grandson. She is an expert at getting people to laugh.

Visit Margery Leveen Sher for more information.

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