KeepTree Founder and CEO Jon Loew is Today’s Honoree

JonLoewJon Loew, founder and CEO of KeepTree, launched the service “TroopTree” a special video recording platform when he experienced a life-threatening illness and realized he might not be around to share his thoughts and feelings with his children. He searched but could not find a video service that could capture his ideas and deliver them to his children when they were older. Soon after recovering, he started KeepTree.

Since the platform launch, more than 30,000 private videos have been stored in KeepTree’s secure vault at Blue Ridge Networks, the leader in network security technology for leading military and financial institutions. The company also has strong ties with the military, highlighted by its TroopTree platform – a private video communication tool provided free of charge to all U.S. Military members.

TroopTree is especially powerful for those service men and women stationed around the globe who want to check in their loved ones for valentine’s day, wish their children good luck on the first day of school, or if in the event the ultimate sacrifice is payed, their video can be stored for ever as a time safe memory to all friends and family

Visit KeepTree for more information.

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