Author John Norseman is Today’s Honoree

JohnNorsemanBookFormer CEO John Norseman becomes a Shaman after dedicating his life to the spiritual world.  According to the Washington Post, more than 60 percent of Americans are unhappy and unengaged with their current occupations. With almost a third of the population feeling unsatisfied with their position, many seek other ways to achieve fulfillment in their lives.

After almost 20 years in the business world, John Norseman decided to leave corporate high rises for the spiritual life of a Shaman.

“I want to help individuals take more control over their lives by overcoming their frustrations of the overall environment in which they live,” Norseman said. “People are limited by low self-esteem and need to be shown how to restore their self-confidence before they can move forward.”

Norseman’s new autobiography, “Journey of a Shaman,” details his life as a former businessman and his journey of hope and destiny to becoming spiritually attuned to the earth and his natural state as a Shaman. Norseman details his life experiences with Civil Rights, friendship, love, death and finding his place within the world.

Traveling from country to country, Norseman’s observations of human behavior epitomize the need for spirituality in contemporary society.

“Your dreams inspire you and give you strength, but you will never know if you are strong enough to live your dreams unless you try,” said Norseman. “People feel the need for self-actualization, but don’t know how to achieve it.”

About the author:

John Norseman is a practical intuitive and has strong leadership and communication skills. He was CEO of four major companies and has lived in many countries. He has been a Shaman since retiring in 2007. He lives in Britain providing spiritual healing, guidance and teaching with his wife, Leigh Norseman.

Visit John Norseman more information.


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