Brand Strategist Jonell Whitt is Today’s Honoree

JonellWhittHello! I am Jonell PR .  Are you looking to enhance or create your brand? Why Public Relations? No a better question is “Why Jonell PR?” It’s all about relationships, establishing and building your brand. I tell everyone whether you choose my firm or the next always make sure you hire a professional that has a HISTORY of being SUCCESSFUL at the task you need accomplished.  If someone does not have a history of being successful at a service you are being offered, then more than likely this firm will take a gamble and you will take a risk at the chance your expectations will be met.

We are more than a public relations firm. We specialize in managing your social media, be it your Website, Twitter, Facebook, linked in, Pintrest, or Instagram account. Jonell PR is known for being the catalyst to bridging gaps together and partnering the right people with the right brands. Product integration is very important if you are building a household name for your product or for yourself as the ambassador for someone else’s product.

Media Coverage. Check out the “Media Pop Up Shops” we send to guarantee your full coverage for your next event. We will send a photographer, and a skilled videographer out  to your event to capture the memories you will have long after the event is over.  The “Pop Up Shop Media” crew will source the photos to national media outlets to make sure your event is covered in the news, on the blogs, in print and TV news once the event is over with. This will eliminate you having to search for several media outlets coming out. We are very thorough and have contract writers on hand 24/7 to attend local and national events.

Visit Jonell Whitt for more information.

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