Author Oliver Jobson is Today’s Honoree

OliverJobsonBook“Pick up the Bible!” These are the exact words author Oliver Jobson heard when he was contemplating suicide one night. This mysterious authoritative voice compelled Jobson to open the Bible and read The Lord’s Prayer. This event started his new journey.

Jobson’s new memoir “Saved from Suicide by The Lord’s Prayer” encompasses his journey with religion and spirituality, starting with his adolescent years as an acolyte in the Roman Catholic Church, and through his military career.

He presents a biographical testimonial surrounding his relationship with a source that manifests in his life at critical times and saves him from the possibility of death. Jobson has researched religion and spirituality his whole life. He has travelled extensively, visiting Peru, France, the Vatican, Indonesia, Israel, Ghana, India and more, where he learned from priests, rabbis and yogis, spending years in prayer and meditation.

Visit Oliver Jobson for more information.


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