Squatchi Co Founders Amy Carabajal and Debra Rosenbloum are Today’s Honoree

SquatchiSquatchi® was created after a straw broke the camel’s back.

Amy Town Carabajal had just had “one of those” shopping trips.  The frustrating fight with her children erupted when they tried to buy shoes.  It was just too much. Even after the clash was over, the family left the store with no shoes.  It happened every time.

Amy was thrilled when online shoe shopping popped up.  Free shipping!  You can’t beat that.  But what if you buy shoes that don’t fit?  With kids, that happens.  Then you’re stuck, schlepping around town to ship them back.  Amy tried stopping into a shoe store or department store to size the kids up.  But, kids are smart. They hated those places and made no secret of it!

There had to be a better way.

Amy looked for a sizing solution, but the few options available were inaccurate, hard-to-use or just plain silly.  In 2008, after commiserating with friends and fellow parents, Amy realized parents needed a reliable, durable, fun home-sizing solution.  This was how Squatchi® began.

In 2011, Amy and her good friend Debra Rosenbloum began brainstorming, designing, researching and writing the business plan.  After nine months, the concept of a foot growth chart and shoe-sizer for kids leapt from dream to reality!  Squatchi®, the Bigfoot Sizer for Little Feet, was born!

Amy Carabajal

Co-founder Amy is the mom of three girls, and lives in Atlanta, GA.

She has a business background with prior experience in corporate America and as a real estate professional.  Amy has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and drive, with a natural passion to help others make their lives better and easier.  Squatchi® was a good fit for Amy!

Debra Rosenbloum

Debra has two children and also resides in Atlanta, GA.  She has an extensive background in complex technology sales.  Starting and building a company has always been a passion of Debra’s, so she was drawn to helping develop Squatchi®.  Providing ideas and products to improve the lifestyles of others is her main motivation.

Visit Squatchi for more information.

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