TRS 24/7 PR CEO Alysia Stern is Today’s Honoree

AlysiaStern Alysia is the CEO of TRS 24/7 PR, a journalist who specializes in celebrities, a food blogger and a published children’s book author. Alysia
volunteers most of her time in schools and at day care centers in low income areas,reading her books which are about faith and hope. She has
spent years feeding the homeless and giving more of herself to others than she gives to herself. She has a genuine love for all people, especially
underprivileged youth.

Alysia Stern’s company The Rendezvous Show Inc.,  is  based out of  NYC . She is also a gifted, multi published children’s book author, a
television talk show host and radio personality, an actress and a celebrity

Alysia  began writing at the age of nine; she has been highly received in the media since 2000. Her first innovative book, *My Nanny Georgeann*, was written in 1999.  Although it took a few more years for everything to be aligned, she continued to push forward, create, write and publish nine more children’s books with her team Constance Lehry and Anthony DeSantis. Her books are available at Barnes and Noble, Amazon, ibooks, In hard and soft
copy and for the for the Kindle, Nook. Alysia has an annual book tour through New York State, where she entertains children and reads her books to children in schools, day care centers and summer camps.

Since the early 2000’s, Alysia utilized her ingenious writing style and captured the hearts of many as a writer and a journalist; she has written for numerous online venues, papers and magazines. Bringing her versatility and zest for creativity from paper and pen to life, her columns have ranged from parenting advice, spiritual awareness, relationships and politicians to restaurant reviews and celebrity interviews. She has spent time with
artists like Gloria Estefan, Stevie Nicks, and Snooki and proball players like Tiki Barber, Dwight Gooden and Sean Landeta.

In 2012, Alysia began the journey with Madhouse TV as a talk show host. Her famed show, *Rendezvous with Alysia* was seen in 78 countries and seen by thousands of people weekly.

Through out all of this, after years of helping artist succeed and pursue their dreams through the life lessons she has learned herself, Alysia officially started her own incorporated PR company in 2012 with Cristino Melendez. Their love for music has kept them on a journey to help numerous indie artists with their music careers. They built their own radio station in N.Y.C. and started their own station *TRS 247,* which has taken off beyond their wildest dreams. They have interviewed guests like Debbie Gibson, Eddie Money, The Bangles, Chubb Rock, Dres Black Sheep, Melissa Etheridge, Lisa Loeb, Bobby Caldwell, Air Supply and so many more incredible musical sensations.

Acting is something Alysia has enjoyed dabbling in. In 2012 she began filming her first segment for Investigation Discovery’s *Dirty Little Secrets. *In 2014, Alysia played the role of *Lita *in the film *Money Talks Bullshit Walks* and in February of 2014 she filmed her first show with *A TASTE OF NY, *which airs on Channel 79 Time Warner Cable. Outside
of work, Alysia is the mother of twins. She enjoys speed walking, cross training, sharing indie music with others, sushi and feeding the homeless.

Visit Alysia Stern for more information.

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